USA BioEnergy

Our definite purpose is to be

The World's Leader in Advanced Biofuels

USA BioEnergy

Our definite purpose is to be

The World's Leader in Advanced Biofuels

At USA BioEnergy, we’re on a mission to be at the forefront of the energy transition; developing next-generation advanced biorefineries specializing in the conversion of sustainably sourced wood waste into renewable diesel (RD), sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and naphtha, (a gasoline blend stock), using dependable, market-proven technologies.

Our cleaner burning, ultra-low sulphur, ecologically friendly renewable fuels reduce emissions by 80% compared to traditional fossil fuels. We’ve secured offtake agreements from one of the nation’s largest truck stop companies and with the world’s pre-eminent airlines for all of the fuel we produce.

USA BioEnergy’s biorefinery design features carbon capture technology to prevent green-house gas emissions from contributing to CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Our expert industry partner is building a pipeline to transport our CO2 for secure permanent geologic storage deep underground. This gives us one of the lowest carbon intensity scores in the industry, qualifying our fuels for exceptionally high credits under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Renewable Fuel Standard. We’ve integrated the use of green power generation onsite and will securely store at least 50M metric tons of captured CO2 over the useful life of each biorefinery.

Our technologies are fully vetted and market proven. Our projects are bankable and supported by a team of global investment firms and strategists, energy specialists, engineering companies, technologists and a scientific community dedicated to delivering the cleanest renewable fuels to our customers. We’ve obtained a super redundancy of feedstock supply, and secured suppliers, licensors, EPC, and O&M providers who are excited to deliver successful projects producing renewable fuels.

Working together, we are committed to leading in the field of next generation cellulosic biofuels.

USA BioEnergy has assembled a world-class project team with experience in capital project development and execution; technology selection, integration, qualification and plant design; commercial petrochemical plant operation; supply chain development; and transportation fuel sales and marketing.

We are committed to ESG by being environmentally focused, creating negative CI fuel that drastically reduces harmful emissions, making a social impact by creating jobs in rural, economically disadvantaged areas, and in governance with 2 women on our executive team.

Featuring operations at the leading edge of the energy transformation, our long-term strategy is focused on building 12 advanced biorefineries, each producing 34M gallons of renewable fuel annually. Each plant is designed for expansion to double that capacity. Performance guarantees provide price certainty and mitigates risk for our investors through mechanical completion and commissioning.

At USA BioEnergy, we’re securing the world’s energy future and reducing the impact of climate change.

Production Facilities

We use site selection criteria, research, and forest industry consultants to ensure that there is renewable biomass available for the life of each plant. 

Fuel Volume

Our first Advanced Biorefinery will produce over 34 million gallons of renewable fuel annually. We plan to expand each plant, eventually doubling production.

Future Plans

We’re building 12 advanced biorefineries; producing renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and naphtha. The demand for  renewable fuels exceeds the supply.



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