Premium Fuels from Wood Waste

USA BioEnergy replaces fossil fuels with cleaner, more dependable, ecological renewable fuels, securing the world’s energy future and reducing global warming threats.

World-class Leadership

Global investment firms, strategists, energy specialists, engineering companies and others in the scientific community support us. We’re dedicated to bringing renewable fuels to the market.

Sustainable Technology

Our market proven technologies (including gasification and Fischer-Tropsch) have been trusted for more than a century.

About USA BioEnergy


USA BioEnery is a renewable fuels development and integration group based in Scottsdale, Arizona, created to produce drop-in renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel from readily available feedstocks including plantation forest thinnings and wood waste. USABE is in the planning stages to build twelve liquid transportation fuel production facilities consecutively.

Our technologies are fully vetted and market proven. Our projects are bankable and supported by a team of global investment firms and strategists, energy specialists, engineering companies, technologists and a scientific community all dedicated to seeing the cleanest fuel come to the market. Working together, we are committed to becoming the market leader in the field of bioenergy.

Replacing fossil fuels with cleaner alternatives will help reduce the threat of climate change.